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Capabilities that are widely diversified yet customer specific.


NAS’s accumulation of inventory and a wide array of services is a result of implementing customer specific programs for more than 25 years. Engines, components and structural items are NAS’s area of expertise.

Comprehensive material supply and repair management programs include the following aircraft and engine types:

• BAE Hawk (RR F405)
• Beechcraft B200 (PW PT6)
• Beechcraft T-34C (PW PT6)
• Bell 412 (PW PT6)
• Bell UH-1H (LY T53)
• Boeing 737 (CFM56)
• Casa CN-235 (GE CT7)
• Cessna 402B (CN TS10-520)
• Fokker F27 (RR Dart MK532)

• Fokker F28 (RR Spey 555)
• General Dynamics F-16 (GE F110)
• Lockheed C-130 (RR T56)
• Northrup F-5 (GE J85)
• Pilatus PC-7 (PW PT6)
• Pilatus PC-9 (PW PT6)
• Saab 340 (GE T700)
• Sikorsky S-61 (GE T58)
• Sikorsky S-70 (GE T700)

NAS provides repair and overhaul management services covering a wide spectrum of components including:

• Engines
• Brakes
• Landing Gear
• Communication Systems
• Avionics and Cockpit Components
• Cabin and Galley Equipment

• Emergency Equipment
• Electromechanical Components
• Structural Components
• Hydraulic Components
• Pneumatic Components
• Accessory Gear Boxes